How to create a plugin?

GenIE-Sys plugin can start as a simple file with a PHP function. All plugins are being installed in /geniesys/plugins. The only requirement for a plugin is that the folder name has to be the same as the menu name and index.php file should be available inside the plugin folder to initialize the plugin.


Hello World! Plugin

  1. Creat hello directory inside the plugin directory

  2. Place following index.php file inside hello directory

$subdir_arr = explode("/", $_SERVER['REDIRECT_URL']);
$mennu_arr = explode("<br />", $c['menu']);
$menu_exist = false;
for ($search_num = 0; $search_num < count($mennu_arr); $search_num++) {
if (trim(strtolower($mennu_arr[$search_num])) == strtolower($subdir_arr[count($subdir_arr) - 1]) ||
trim(strtolower($mennu_arr[$search_num])) == "-".strtolower($subdir_arr[count($subdir_arr) - 1])) {
$menu_exist = true;
if(strtolower(basename(dirname(__FILE__)))== strtolower($subdir_arr[count($subdir_arr)-1]) && $menu_exist==true){
$c['initialize_tool_plugin'] = true;
$c['tool_plugin'] = strtolower($subdir_arr[count($subdir_arr) - 1]);

3.) Add tool.php into the hello_world directory. tool.php file will be used to write all the function related to the plugin.

echo "Hello World!";

4.) Log into the system and add hello into the menu like shown in following figure.

GenIE-Sys login screen

5.) Navigate to http://[server name]/geniesys/hello

landing page of the plugin

More details about the GenIE-Sys API is available on‚Äč